It's many years into the Future but not so much as to have gotten past the everyday struggles of life. If anything, more struggles come against the many of this time. Humans have made contact with beings outside of our little milky way a long time ago by this point. It isn't cheap to fly from one sector to the other but if you save up a month or two you could get to the all nude beach on quilcon 15.

This world was also home to creatures only read about in the storybook and folklore. Monsters and Demons, Elves and Magick. These are just booked on a shelf to most of the population, and the people in the know would like to keep it that way. "No need to cause a fuss" a man once said, "The minds of begins are fragile, this could break a man." And then there is you, stuck in this place, having to make a chose. Why? Because this is Astion, one of the badest city on this plant.

You are sure it's still called earth just because there was some small talk about changing it to sol 4. Anyway, Astion is home to some of the highest crime. People die and get high here every minute of every day. You don't know how you are still living here, maybe cause rent is cheap. Your friend told you to join one of the gang in the area for some protection and you just aren't sure. The largest one in the area is Angelic Funeral or AF for short. They are the meanest gang around the most fingers in the pot. Drugs, Sex, Hits, you name it. If you want it done, Af can do it for you. You also wondered why they had never gotten caught before, it must be because AF is also the leader in the Entertainment industry. Models, Singers, Actors. This place does it all. Another gang however just come on the block, they call themselves the Carnival. They have been pushing in on AF territory as of late cause more problems than before.

You don't know if you would join them or not, AF has been around for a very long time. For now, you will just remain yourself, you will let fate do all the work.