Full Name: Ember Kogu Pronunciation of their name(first, middle/middle names and last): Em-bur Ko-goo Nickname(s): Emby, The Supreme Sex: Male Race/species: Half Kitsune/ Half Pixie Italian Korean (He looks human and hides his ears so you have no reason be to believe otherwise) Age(and how old they look): 35 Orientation/Sexual preference: All just All Mental state: He is mentally broken and is held together by a mixture of drugs and relations. If he doesn't have one of those two things, he can snap and do some scary things (optional)In-depth personality: Best traits of their personality: Calm under Pressure, Easy to talk to Worst traits of their personality: Fragile Current faith(religion): OX Current superstitions/quirks: He has a thing for the color Red. It makes him just wild. Occupation: CEO of AFinc (Gang Leader of AF) Good habits: Runs every morning, always goes out of his way to help others, nice Bad habits: Does things to make other pleased, hard for him to say no, is always thinking of the past Abilities(As in powers): Pixie magick (but his is deadly allergic), turn into a fox (can't figure out how to do it on purpose), Pixie dust (less allergic to this) Special skills(Not meaning powers): Hightly Trained in hand to hand, guns, knives. Very athletic, has lots of money and resources. Hobbies: Watching his cameras, working out, Singing